Investment process

The investment process in UBS7 is built in such a way that the highest standards of management are applied to each customer. This principle operates at all stages.

Setting the objectives and choosing the investment horizon

At the initial stage, the customer determines his investment objectives and the horizon of investment, whether by himself or with the professional help of our managers.

Transferring your resources under the management of the fund

The next step is choosing a way to replenish your personal account through the proposed payment systems.

Allocation of the resources within the fund

The third stage occurs within the fund, where customer’s resources are distributed among various managers in different directions.

Risk management

Risk management is a fundamental component of the work of each manager and the fund as a whole.

Creating Investment Solutions

Decision-making is based on analytical forecasts, which always allow finding attractive investment ideas and achieve the maximum profit-making.

Distribution of final profit

The customer receives the whole profit minus the commission fee for managing the funds. The commission includes the profit of the fund, contributions to the reserve fund, marketing and other deductions.

Investment solutions

Investment terms
1 month
The amount of investments
from 1 USD to 100 USD
Fund commission
Expected return up
to 12%
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Investment terms
1 year
The amount of investments
from 100 USD to 100 000 USD
Fund commission
from 10% to 50%
Expected return up
to 324%
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