A comprehensive investment solution in the field of blockchain technologies for private and institutional customers

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About us

UBS7 team are experts in the field of information technology, United by the idea of development of the international investment Fund.
We create reliable investment solutions based on blockchain technologies for our clients.

Why do customers choose UBS7?


A disciplined process of working with the assets of the Fund, in which each Manager makes decisions responsibly.


The assets of the customers are managed by our team of professionals who have many years of experience in traditional and cryptocurrency markets. Decision-making is based on analytical forecasts, which always allow finding attractive investment ideas

Flexible tariff policy

Various solutions of investment terms starting from 1 month based on conservative, balanced and aggressive strategies are available for our customers

Сontinuous development

We work daily to improve our services by introducing new technologies and by expanding the fund's activities

Investment solutions

Investment terms
1 month
The amount of investments
from 1 USD to 100 USD
Fund commission
Expected return up
to 12%
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Investment terms
1 year
The amount of investments
from 100 USD to 100 000 USD
Fund commission
from 10% to 50%
Expected return up
to 324%
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