blockchain technology

About us

UBS7 team - are experts in the field of information technology, united by the idea of development of the international investment Fund. We create reliable investment solutions based on blockchain technologies for our clients.

The history of our company

Our story - is a success story: having set specific goals, we have achieved them step by step since the creation of the private Foundation in 2018.We are steadily increasing the volume of assets in management and plan to continue to maintain the pace of development of the Fund, opening up new directions and expanding spheres of influence.

Our mission

We know that creating the right investment background with our help will allow more people to learn about blockchain technology.


Our primary task is to obtain the most relevant and reliable information about the market, to form effective investment strategies and to increase the capitalization of the fund.


Provide clients with high quality investment solutions.


We appreciate the trust of our customers.

Our directions

Work with cryptocurrency assets.
Protect your capital by transferring funds under the management of professionals. When using a verified trading plan and the personal responsibility of each trader, you get the maximum possible profit without touching the trade.

Investments in blockchain startups.
The ICO market experienced rapid growth in 2017, and this also affected the growth of fraudulent activities of the companies that, using ignorance, involved millions of investors who do not have experience in that field. Investing with connoisseurs of this field is not only safe, but also profitable as using this strategy of investing in start-ups, you get bonuses as a participant of closed non-public trading, which ultimately affects the high return on investment tariffs.